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Art Studio

Art Studio

Art Studio Art Studio

independent study/private lessons/portfolio prep

Portfolio Prep

I am available to assist students in the development of a portfolio in preparation for college entrance, a.p. studio art, and conservatory.

I will work with students who have ample time and a commitment to doing work and research in and out of the studio. Please email info@thesandiegoartloft.com for more info.

Private Lessons

Some students choose to bypass the course lessons and work independently. Please contact me to find out if I have availability. Email info@thesandiegoartloft.com

Creative coaching

If you are looking for assistance in developing your already established skills into a meaningful art practice, allow me to be a partner in achieving that goal. Creating in a void is not always conducive to growth as an artist. Lets make a plan together.

Email info@thesandiegoartloft.com.