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What is the art loft?



Founded in 2015 by Elissa Lieberman, The San Diego Art Loft is proud to provide a great studio space offering lessons in observational drawing, figure drawing, and painting for teens through adults with a deep interest in art. The classes are at times rigorous but the supportive atmosphere encourages a comfortable and unique learning experience.

Academic and classical drawing skills are the focus of the curriculum. Painting lessons further enrich the experience. 

An emphasis on skill is balanced by exercises geared toward personal development. 

Many drawing drills and exercises require deep focus and concentration for an additional exercise in mindfulness.

Develop an appreciation and reverence for the arts while opening up to a new way of seeing. 

  Drawing and painting skills can be learned. It requires great teachers guiding us to see in new ways. The process of learning these skills requires student and instructors be present and mindful. Art classes and lessons are the best way to begin to learn. Owner Elissa Lieberman, proposes observational drawing as a perfect exercise in mindfulness. Whereas many schools offer "how to"  techniques to make a perfect picture, Elissa approaches the class as a journey to discover the many  lenses through which to view the reality of things. Sharpening observational skills and working through creative obstacles is a practice that should be available to everybody and Elissa is dedicated to offering art lessons in San Diego to support, coach, and guide your journey as an artist. 

Is it a good fit?

Before registering, please agree to the following conditions.


The Art Loft is a teaching studio offering classical drawing and painting lessons. 

We teach observational drawing skills and perspectives. These courses include college level projects and assignments that are adaptable to younger students with an eagerness to learn.

Therefore, students must be at least 15 or a very mature 12+ to begin lessons at this time. 

Students are asked to listen and follow directions and be focused for long periods of time.

Students must be comfortable communicating with instructors and peers. 

People with attention difficulties or students with a medical or learning difference  must contact studio prior to enrolling. The studio reserves the right to change the schedule or cancel the class if minimum enrollment is not met.

By registering for classes at the Art Loft, I agree to the terms and conditions.

The student has no known special needs that must be discussed prior to enrolling.


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How can I help you?

Find out if the Loft is the best place for you .

E-mail elissa@sandiegoartloft.com to inquire about the subject you would like to learn. Please note the age of the student. 

Studio is only open during class times.

Note: Phone calls will be returned within 48 hours. E-mail is absolutely the best way to get started.

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