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Elissa Lieberman earned a Master of Fine Art degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She has taught at the Delaware College of Art and Design, San Diego State University, University of San Diego, Mesa College, Southwestern College,UCSD Extension, the La Jolla Athenaeum, and the San Diego Art Department. Elissa managed the art school at the San Diego Museum of Art in 2007-2008. She opened the San Diego Art Loft in 2015 to create a community of people who are interested in studying and practicing fine art. 

Elissa maintains an active studio practice and has exhibited nationwide.

First-Rate Course Offerings

The San Diego Art Loft offers small classes in painting and drawing. With hundreds of course plans in her 18 year career, Elissa is able to teach small classes in a way that is organic and responsive to the needs of individual students. Classes in painting and drawing are offered for youth 

(12-18) and adult 18+ however, some classes can accommodate both.

Classes typically run for 8 consecutive weeks in order to offer students the highest quality learning experience. 

Our Mission

Talent is a myth. Drawing is a learned skill and requires opening to new ways of seeing. The process of learning these skills requires student and instructors be present and mindful. In this way, Elissa proposes observational drawing as a perfect exercise in mindfulness. Whereas many schools offer "how to"  techniques to make a perfect picture, Elissa approaches the class as a journey to discover the many  lenses through which to view the reality of things. Sharpening observational skills and working through creative obstacles is a practice that should be available to everybody and Elissa is dedicated to that experience.

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