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Art Lessons in San Diego


Elissa Jill Lieberman, Founder


I began doodling faces of  family, friends, and imaginary characters since childhood.  I never had to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I knew I was an artist.


I graduated from the Columbus College of Art  and Design in 1997 with a of Bachelor of Fine Art.

In 2002, I earned a Master of Fine Art in painting  from the renowned Hoffberger School of Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art. As a teachers assistant I was coached as a developing professor and was soon teaching foundation art classes at the Delaware College of Art and Design. 

I relocated to San Diego to teach for San Diego State University, Southwestern College, University of San Diego,  and Mesa College .  I also taught at the San Diego Art Department and the La Jolla Athenaeum School of Art and Music. I kept a studio in Little Italy and exhibited large narrative paintings in New York.  I stopped teaching college level to manage the Art School at the San Diego Museum of Art in 2007-2008.  I then decided to follow my love of  the four seasons and wooded locations to Portland , Oregon.  

I returned to San Diego in 2012 and taught at a private studio.  I opened the San Diego Art Loft in 2015 to create a community of people with a deep interest and passion for drawing and painting .

I have found that teaching itself is an art. My style of teaching has allowed me to engage with art students from middle school to baby boomers and beyond. I continue to paint in a home studio and am eager to share a new body of work in upcoming exhibitions.


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Khalid Alkaaby was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq on December 2 1979.
He worked as an artist and ran a successful art studio.
In September 2005 Baghdad underwent immense bombings. The 14th of September was the deadliest day of the insurgency. The city of Baghdad suffered significant damage and a series of terrorist attacks through the city. 
Khalid was forced to leave his beloved family, friends and studio gallery where he had created his works of art. He then immigrated to the United States and set out to begin a new life in San Diego, California where he now lives and works as a professional artist.
It is here in the United States that Khalid experiences a sense of openness and expressive way that triggered his artistic thoughts where in Iraq he experienced the opposite, an unbalanced force.
There is a symbolic representation in Kahlids work, the boldness of the colors in which he connects with passion of life and love, a rhythmic tone, organization as in musical cords that entice mood delivering an impact on the senses, the dominance of red, and black the accent that animates. The artistic nude figures of self expression and liberty within and the surroundings of which she displays a total empowerment of self awareness without restraints and restrictions.


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