Premium summer camp.

The San Diego Art Loft offers summer programming. We call them camps but they offer intensive programming and a very small ratio of  student to instructor for the highest level instruction.

The Art Loft is not a non profit. It survives on tuition only. Non profits are supported by governmental agencies, corporate sponsors, and private and public grants and donations allowing large platforms to offer summer programs with more space and more staff- often referred to as counselors.

The instructors at the Art Loft are not counselors.

Your tuition reserves your  easel and close working time with developed art professionals in their field with high level degrees, intensive teaching experience, and an active artistic practice.

Art Loft Students generally are challenged and encouraged at the level of college studies. The work they create is mind blowing!

The offerings for the summer program are for students who want an intensive and fun introduction to skills and content, who want to gain admission to an art college or upper level art class at school, or just looking for quality art instruction that remains so elusive.

Fun, collaboration, comeraderie, and hard work. For a more recreational style camps, for fun and frolik, San Diego has many options to chooses from.

If you are just itching to make some art (for real) this summer, the Loft is the Place.


Terms and conditions

Is it a good fit.

The Art Loft is a teaching studio offering classical drawing and painting lessons. 

We teach observational drawing skills and perspectives. These courses include college level projects and assignments that are adaptable to younger students with an eagerness to learn.

Therefore, students must be at least 12 to begin lessons at this time. 

Students are asked to listen and follow directions and be focused for long periods of time.

Students must be comfortable communicating with instructors and peers. 

People with attention difficulties or students with conditions with a medical or learning difference  must contact studio prior to enrolling. The Art Loft has the right to refuse students if it seems they may not be a good fit.

We are not qualified to instruct students who can not be fully attentive, responsive, and developmentally mature. it is simply not a good match.

Please expect intensive drawing exercises. 

Please to not force your student to take classes. They must be eager to participate.

Note the studio is taught by professional artists, not school teachers. Discipline is not a part of the teaching methodology.

Students seeking entertainment or recreation may find the classes too rigorous.

No drop in classes are offered at this time.

Enrolled students are expected to attend every session. Missed sessions may not be made up unless special circumstances are discussed. 

A 24 hour email notice is appreciated in the case of absence.

The studio reserves the right to change the schedule or cancel the class if minimum enrollment is not met.

Classes may be cancelled if instructor is ill. Either a substitute will be present or an email will go out to students. Please check your inbox the day of class.

Supply lists are available. Most supplies are provided for the Saturday youth drawing class.

Please arrive on time to class.

By registering for classes at the Art Loft, I agree to the terms and conditions.

The student has no known special needs that must be discussed prior to enrolling.

Student is excited to learn life changing art skills.