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Art Lessons in San Diego

Fall 2019 term

Classes will not run with less than four students enrolled and paid.

Creative Consulting

Portfolio assistance, mid career guidance, creative blocks broken.

Portfolio Development

This program is designed to help organize and create new creative content that you can use  to apply to colleges, AP Art and Conservatory programs, art camps or school's, competitions and Juried shows. With as many works as your heart desires, you can confidently introduce yourself to committees and other decision makers. A client must be early in Junior Year for me to guarantee a strong enough portfolio which goes well beyond drawing skill but relies heavily upon it.  The content, composition, messaging, bravery, depth, is key to developing  a strong portfolio. We will do some work in studio but half of the commitment is research and creative planning.  You will research subjects and artists , follow directions closely, and do as much out of studio work as possible. If school homework and other elective activities are crowding your schedule, you can not focus on  a portfolio. I will assess a students work in a private 30 minute assessment. If it is a match, we will customize a plan. This is not a one size fits all.  email info@elissajillcreative.com

Private Training  – Have you had a recent change in your life that has opened the door back up to a neglected creative practice. Have you just been inspired to follow a new body of work or art practice?  Does your  industry  create a need to develop the other half of your brain?  Contracting with me as your trainer is the most direct way to step into your life as an artist or creator.

Art Writing-  Bio's Mission statements – You can tell a lot about an artist by how well their personal statement articulates their work.  Don’t have a bio or statement?  Now might be a good time to create one. Send it to me and I can help.  A good mission statement tells audiences what drives an artist to do what he/ she does. 

Exhibition assistance.  - Preparing for a solo exhibition can be like planning a wedding! Coordinating artwork, music, setting the environment, and installation.  Contact me to discuss how I can be your "maid of honor" as you prepare for your big day, 

Artist Community Engagement  – An artist is only as strong as its creative community. We can not create in a void. The art Loft takes  leadership in gathering artists for social gatherings and to provide peer support. This is a good place to show your real dedication to being a San Diego Artist.