November/December 2018

must maintain at least 4 students to keep the class running. less than that the class becomes semi private at a tuition rate of 35 per hour or class may not run-always Double Check!


What are students saying?


"This studio is absolutely incredible.

I started taking classes at San Diego Art Loft about six months ago and it completely changed my life and outlook on art. Elissa, the owner, helped me in private lessons (starting September 2017) to prepare my high school art portfolio for applications to art schools. In December 2017, I was accepted to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I can honestly say that I could not have achieved this dream of mine without Elissa's support and feedback. She is a wonderful mentor who I'm so lucky to have met and worked with.
If you're looking to grow artistically, San Diego Art Loft is the place for you. I honestly can't recommend it enough."

 Bennet H.

 "I always thought I couldn't draw anything!  Elissa told me that EVERYONE can learn to draw!  She is very patient and understands how the novice feels when creating for the first time.  During my first lesson I learned how to visualize the relativity of one side of something and recreate the second (opposite) side.  I am learning how to draw what I see rather than what I know.  I am realizing I CAN draw!!  Thanks Elissa!!! "

Ruth H.

 "We feel very fortunate to have found Art Loft.  Our daughter loves art and has always wanted to take classes outside of school, but it has been hard to find the right place.  Now she has regular high quality art instruction at SD Art Loft.  We have been amazed at the artwork that comes home every week--right from the first session.  She is so happy and enthusiastic to be learning to make beautiful artwork and develop her technique. "

Mike R

 "We are so happy we found this place! My daughter wanted to draw and paint in an intimate studio, where the owner cares. Elissa is the right person, and now, after more than two years, we share the feedback. It's a fantastic place.

Elissa has coached her, encouraged, and she provides each student with instructions catered to her skill level, passion, and comfort zone.
Our daughter plans to continue honing her skills for next couple of years, until the end of High school.
5 Stars! "

Gill P

 "Been looking all over for a figure drawing place to to improve my eye at work. Super stoked i stumbled into Elissa's awesome sanctuary. Wonderful cozy studio i go to every Sunday 

evening, Elissa provides a very warm welcoming environment with friendly professional figure models. You can only get better by simply just doing the thing you wanna get good at, SDAL is a great place to provide that space for all levels. "

Willem K

 "Elissa is the best teacher of fine arts I know. She lives and breathes art. Most other reviewers are parents of children. Let me tell you from the perspective of a senior citizen. I started taking a class on drawing. She taught me so much. If she can teach an old dog with limited talent new tricks, she can teach anyone" 

Dipak G.

 "I often hear people say " how do I start?". Elissa  has a unique way of teaching her students how to draw and paint.  She teaches them  different techniques. With those techniques in hand, her students can view an object and choose the best and easy way to start. We are very happy with our daughter's progress at San Diego Art Loft. "


How do I It get started?

Beginners are welcome but please note the curriculum is intensive and it is less recreational. Students who have the ability to focus, interact well with teachers, and who very much desire the skills to draw realistically are going to enjoy and excel in this studio. I also advise that you take my basic drawing foundations  before painting . I warmly welcome students who deeply desire to see through the artists eye.

I teach the same curriculum to children and adults. This is why I only accept age 12-adult. I do not offer children's classes but do have a wait list for children. This is a professional art studio, not a classroom so adult subject matter is not censored in studio. 

For these reasons

It is not possible to register online at this time. You can download, complete, and return the registration form.

Email and state the class, date, and times you would like.

Also please state the name, age, and level of the student.

I will follow up via email to answer your questions. You will pay at the time of registration after class.

This way, you will get a feel for the class before committing.

There are no drop ins. If you would like to try a class, I must know ahead of time to reserve your easel. After class you can enroll.